Parent Access to Edgenuity

Accessing the Parent Portal for Edgenuity

  1. Ensure that your Marcos Cerda has your accurate email address.
  2. Mr. Cerda will send you a Family Portal Activation Code.
  3. You will receive a welcome email with a link to the Family Portal homepage:
  4. Follow the link and click “Activate a student”.



  • Enter the same email address you provided and the Activation Code you received and click “Submit”.Edgenuity Parent Portal Verify Student Screen


  • Choose a password and secret question and answer and click “Submit”.Edgenuity Parent Portal Create Account Screen


  • Login at the Family Portal homepage.
  • At the top of the page are two tools for monitoring your student’s progress: “Attendance Log” and “Progress Report”.


Edgenuity Parent Portal Home Page


Attendance Log: A record of how much time students are working on their courses. This shows both time spent and the number of assignments completed each time a student accesses a course.

Progress Report: View course progress and grade information. Focus on “Course Completed” (percentage complete) shown by the top bar graph versus “Target Completion” (where the student should be) written below the top bar graph.Progress Report Screenshot


GRADES: Edgenuity provides three grade measures: Actual, Overall, and Relative. Of the three grades, the most familiar is probably the Actual Grade, which holds students accountable for missing assignments to date, but not for all the content through the end of the course. The Actual Grade is a student’s grade based on what should have been completed at present. If a student has not met Target Completion, the assignments that they should have completed are counted as zeroes. The Overall Grade is a student’s grade based on the work they have completed. Even if a student is two weeks behind, their Overall Grade could be 100% if that is what they earned on the assignments they have completed. Lastly, the Relative Grade is similar to the Actual Grade, but includes all assignments in the entire class, not only assignments that a student should have completed. For example, if a student has completed 25% of the class, their maximum Relative Grade is 25%.

ATTENDANCE: Edgenuity logs Idle Time, which it defines as when a student is in the Lobby, in the Organizer, or viewing any assignment that has already been submitted (e.g. a previously watched lecture). Conversely, any time spent on an assignment that has not been submitted is not Idle Time.