Message From Our Principal

Steve Curiel

Welcome to Coast High School!

Research says that everyone doesn’t learn the same, so why not offer different ways to learn?

At Coast High School students have the opportunity to learn through one of two different options. Both options are strategically aligned to cutting edge state standards and include A-G college preparatory courses implemented by highly qualified credentialed teachers leading to a fully accredited high school diploma. Coursework is comparable in length, content, and rigor to a traditional high school setting.

Our program has been intentionally designed to meet differing learning styles:

OPTION 1 DAILY INSTRUCTION: Students enrolled in Daily instruction attend the Coast High School campus for traditional direct instruction courses with very small class sizes in a more personalized learning environment every day Monday through Friday. Courses are A-G approved college preparatory courses delivered face to face by a highly qualified credentialed teacher.

OPTION 2 INDEPENDENT STUDY: Students enrolled in Independent Study complete much of their coursework from home and meet with teachers face to face throughout the week to receive individual instruction and support, ask questions, and take proctored exams. This option is for students who need a more flexible schedule and/or who have a more independent and autonomous learning style. For this option students meet with highly qualified credentialed teachers through face to face meetings in addition to lab time, credit monitoring, email, and telephone as they complete A-G college preparatory courses.

We are confident that your experience at Coast High School will be a positive one and we look forward to welcoming you!


Dr. Angela Harding
Coast High School