Graduation Requirements

June 16th, 10am @ HBHS Auditorium

Graduation Requirements

The CaliforniaEducation Code(EC)establishes a minimum set of requirements for graduation from California high schools. The requirements should be viewed as minimums and support regulations established by local governing boards.

  1. Total credits required: 220 Including 155 credits from required courses students may earn a maximum of 40 credits per semester.
  2. Courses Required: (One year=10 credits)
    Subject Area Years Credits
    English* 4 yrs. 40
    World History 1 yr. 10
    U.S. History 1 yr. 10
    U.S. Government 1/2 yrs. 5
    Economics 1/2 yrs. 5
    Mathematics** 3 yrs. 30
    Physical Science 1 yr. 10
    Life Science 1 yr. 10
    Health (9th gr.) 1/2 yr. 5
    Physical Education 2 yrs. 20
    Visual & Performing Arts or
    World Language or
    Career Technical Education
    1 yr. 10
  3. Complete four years of high school

*Students shall be enrolled in English each semester in high school regardless of total credits earned

** One year of math must be completed in the junior or senior year; successful completion of Algebra 1 is a State Education Code requirement.