Registration for Fall 2015


There are two parts of registration to complete:

1) Online Registration (July 1 – August 21): Please see directions below. This must be completed before your registration appointment with Susan Jahns (see #2). If you have not completed this by your appointment, you should come 30 minutes prior to your appointment time to complete registration.

2) Registration Appointment with Susan Jahns (August 24, 25): If you do not yet have an appointment, please call (714) 842-4227 to schedule one.



Registration Instructions

Link to Registration (HBUHSD Parent Portal)

How to Create a Parent Portal Account

***Note: If you need to create a Parent Portal Account, you will need the following information:

  • HBUHSD Student ID Number: Unique six (6) digit ID number assigned by the district

  • Primary Telephone Number: The family’s primary telephone number

  • Verification Code (VPC): Unique eight (8) digit access code assigned by the district

  • Email address: current preferred parents’ email addresses

We are currently in the process of calling and distributing this information to parents. If you do not receive this information beforehand, we will give it to you at your Registration Appointment with Susan Jahns


Aeries is our student information system and allows you and your student(s) as well as the school site to have the most up to date information.

A parent account in Aeries allows you to view (and update where applicable) your student(s) demographic information, emergency information, grades, attendance, etc. as well as register them for the next school year.  Students may create their own account.

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